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Contact us about Roll-n-Go Roller Rail Accessories.

Roller Rail Accessories

Complete selection of accessories for boat and PWC ramps by Roll-n-Go.

Roll-n-Go Ground Anchor Kit (Model# ANCHORKIT)

Ground anchor kit includes 18" auger, chain with connectors and turnbuckle. Provides stability for the winch on longer ramp lengths. Recommended when adding 8' Model PWC Extension.

Roll-n-Go Ground Anchor Kit

Ground Anchor (Model# G-ANCHOR)

Ground Anchor only.

Roller Rail Ground Anchor

Winch Upgrade - 1500 Autobrake (Model# WU-1500-AUTOBRAKE)

Winch Upgrade - 1500 lb (dead-lift) Autobrake: Automatically stops if you release the handle for extra safety. Includes 50' cable (Replaces 1700 lb winch). The 1500 Autobrake Winch works with Roll-n-Go models 750, 1200, 2000 and Pontoon. The price listed is only valid when ordering a complete kit and upgrading the standard winch. Please call us if ordering without a kit.

Roll-n-Go Autobrake Winch

Keel Roller Kit for Model 750/1200/2000 (Model# KR-KIT)

Useful if you have a steep ramp when the 2nd or 3rd cross member may interfere with the bow of a v-hull. Not usually needed.

Roll-n-Go Keel Roller Kit

Extra Roller Set - Model 750/1200/Pontoon (Model# ER-SET)

2 sets required per row for Model Pontoon. Includes 2 rollers, 2 brackets, hardware.

Roll-n-Go Extra Roller Set

Extra Roller Set - Model 2000 (Model# ER-SET-2)

Includes 4 gray wobble rollers, 2 axles, hardware.

Roll-n-Go Extra Roller Set

Contact us about Roll-n-Go Roller Rail Accessories.



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